Autonomous Mobility Project
in Tokyo Waterfront City for FY2024

Nippon Koei has been commissioned by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) to undertake the "Project on the development of services of autonomous driving technology in the Waterfront City," and will serve as the project promoter for the study of commercialization of services utilizing autonomous driving technology through a demonstration. NK will promote implementation of autonomous driving technology during the 2024 fiscal year. The project sponsor will be the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

The autonomous driving project will be held on metropolitan-owned lands and public roads. The aim of this initiative is to promote the early commercialization of autonomous driving services by identifying issues toward commercialization, analyzing profitability and needs, and so on. In the FY2024 project, in order to allow more people to experience services utilizing autonomous driving technology and to promote its implementation, we decided to implement an autonomous driving project on Tokyo-owned land and public roads in conjunction with SusHi Tech Tokyo 2024, which will be held mainly in Tokyo Waterfront City. Each project will be carried out by an operator selected in fiscal 2023. Each project is scheduled to offer test rides to the general public, and we will begin accepting applications on a special website in due course. Please refer to each project page for details on implementation and application.